The HIGH Lights


Notable Festivals:

- Relapse Contamination Festival
Philadelphia, PA(2003)
- Temples Festival
Bristol, UK(2015)
-Maryland Deathfest
Baltimore, MD(2016)
- Smoke The Fuzz Fest
Athens, Greece(2016)
- Hellfest
Pays de la Loire, France(2018)
- Austin Terror Fest
Austin, TX(2019)

Future Festivals

8/19: Las Vegas, NV - Psycho Fest
8/26: Madison, WI - High Noon
8/27: Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
8/28: Milwaukee, WI - Club Garibaldi
8/29: Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
8/31: Bloomington, IL - Nightshop
9/1: Detroit, MI - Sanctuary
9/3: Cookeville, TN - Muddy Roots
9/11: Rock Island, IL - Wake Brewing

New Album

Bongzilla - weedsconsin

About Weedsconsin:
 …Fifth album Weedsconsin is the first full-length release in 16 years and picks up right where Amerijuanican left off. The guitars chug along at a leisurely, yet bouncy rhythm, and Muleboy’s vocals have lost none of their ferocity. It’s like listening to an angry lion having its tail stepped on, but it’s been slowed down to half the speed. It’s pretty formulaic and predictable in terms of sound and songwriting, however what this opus lacks in originality it makes up for with an enthusiasm that feels almost ironic for a band more than a little fond of getting baked. Recorded by the late John Hopkins, a man responsible for capturing some of the genre’s heaviest bands Weedsconsin is dedicated to his memory. A fitting tribute, considering how crisp this record sounds – a rarity in a genre where reverb is usually favoured above all else. ”
– Angela Davey, KERRANG!

weedsconsin Spacerock Bongzilla Blue

Space Rock

This album sees more of the Madison-based trio slowly moving from noisy, venomous jams to thick, smoky grooves – often during the same song. You can almost see the smoke rising from a bong the size of the Eiffel Tower as Muleboy and his bandmates Magma and Spanky churn out the interdimensional trip that is “Space Rock.”
- Gonzo,


Sundae Driver

“Sundae Driver” stays true to the band's usual heavy and hypnotic cocktail, leading with a steadily menacing bassline that's crept up on by Makela's harsh vocals. The single, relative to some of the band's other discography, is slow and steady- with a focused, slightly cleaner sound.
- Caroline Fisher,


Nectar Collector

The true masters and inventors of the “stoner” genre are back!!!! Thank Lucifer for that shit... BONGZILLA RULES Favorite track: Cosmic Distillate, Nectar Collector.
Sanctus Satanas,

About Bongzilla

From: Madison, Wisconsin USA

Bongzilla formed sometime in 1995 in Wisconsin, quickly composing a host of songs inspired by their marijuana.
Bongzilla announced signing to the Italian label – Heavy Psych Sounds on Janurary 21st of 2021. Bongzilla is preparing for the release of their new full length album Weedsconsin, as well as a limited 7 Inch from Wake Brewing, followed by the Bongzilla / Tons Split for the HPS series – Doom Sessions, as well as the 7 inch split with Boris on Gungeon Records.


Booking Agent – Jay Crash

Management – Jason Raistakka

Label – Crash Assailant Records (USA)

Heavy Psych Sounds Records (Europe)